Shipping Policy

Shipping Expectations, Import taxes and Costs

The delivery time or transit time of any order depends on the destination of the order and will usually be delivered in 1-3 days from the time it leaves our warehouse in Atlanta. The time frame is an estimate based on the time it normally takes a package to get to an island without any delay. From time to time, factors such as weather, mechanical issues, strikes, etc can cause an unforeseen delay. We cannot guarantee any time frame, however, a 1-3 day shipment time is our goal.

Each country has its own Customs and Entry taxes. For all shipments other than the US Virgin Islands, import duties and taxes are the responsibility of the Buyer. Shipping costs do not include any import fees or taxes.

The Shipping Cost on the website is considered an estimate as we do not always receive accurate data from our vendors, especially concerning body parts. For the most part our shipping costs are relatively accurate. If shipping costs are more than the estimate you will be contacted via email for your approval prior to shipping the order. If shipping costs are less than the estimate, your order will reflect the new price. The minimum shipping charge will be $25 to any island. The weight and Dims will be calculated on the entire shipment and not on each item.

Shipments will be sent to the address given on the website. We do not ship to any location in the Continental United States. We only service the Caribbean countries. If the address given is not accurate, the cost to return the part will be charged to the Buyer. We will make every effort to contact you with any delivery issues, however, we must have valid addresses for any shipment.

Fragile items such as windshields, door glasses, large mirrors, etc. may require special packaging. You will contacted via email if there is a need for any added cost for approval prior to shipping.

If you have any questions regarding the shipping policies please email